TINTINO™ Portable Molecular Kinetic Heater

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Now, with the TINTINO™  Portable Kinetic Heaters, you can stay warm anytime, anywhere, and save a significant amount on your electricity bills. You no longer have to worry about your house and car being covered in snow on cold mornings! 

Over the past decade, there have been approximately 36 major snow disasters each year, with the northern and northeastern regions most affected. With electricity prices increasing, people have had to pay considerable bills for their heating systems every year. Every year, tens of thousands of vehicles become inoperable or unable to operate due to ice.Major snow disasters lead to vehicle damage, wear and tear, and increased accidents of the road.  

Brad Dotson submitted photos from his road trip using the TINTINO™  Portable Kinetic HeatersCongratulations on your success!  

"This was one of my best shopping experiences so far! I ordered these defrost gadgets two weeks ago and they processed my order immediately.They were shipped from Toulouse and I was able to follow the logistics in a timely manner. real on my phone, which reassured me.I needed these defrosters for my Toyota SUV in the cold of Strasbourg.They are equipped with temperature sensors that automatically activate when the temperature gets too low, so no manual intervention is required.This means that I don't have to scrape the frost off my windshield and windows. My neighbors have had to brave blizzards to clear snow from their cars and I'm glad I invested in these defrosters.I particularly appreciate the powerful defrosting effect that they have on the windshield, especially when driving at night, which greatly improves safety and visibility.This is an excellent product which I highly recommend to everyone!"      

With the surge in electricity prices, my meager pension can no longer cover the increase in heating costs. So I decided to try this defroster.It's rechargeable, runs on solar energy and saves me a ton of money every year. 39;s money on my heating and snow removal bills. When the temperature gets too low, it quickly raises the temperature in my room from -10°C to 23°C in 15 minutes.The defroster actually covers my entire apartment. After a snowstorm, my roof was covered in snow and I turned it on.Two hours later, the snow on the roof and in front of the door had melted, so I didn't have to carry out any dangerous work on the roof.It is very safe and runs quieter than my air purifier, ensuring that 39;it does not disturb my sleep. I've only had it for three days, but I'm already in love with it. -Judy Fico.    

The climate problem is getting worse, prepare preventive measures in advance - the latest solutions in 2023

When faced with extremely cold temperatures and blizzard conditions, it is important to realize that they pose significant challenges not only to interior temperature and vulnerable roofs, but also to vehicles exposed to these freezing climatic conditions. Door handles are frozen, windshields are almost invisible due to heavy snow and, in the most severe cases, vehicles can become completely buried under 1.3 meters of snow, further underscoring the need to find reliable solutions to deal with the cold.

Fortunately, today there is an extraordinary solution:TINTINO™  Antifreeze Molecular Heating Device! It can keep your  a> in your vehicle to prevent it from freezing and being buried under snow. You can also place it warm house and prevent snow accumulation on roofs.

The secret to preventing houses and cars from getting stuck in snow and ice: the latest research from SNIAS.

The temperature on the surface of Mars varies from -25°C to -60°C. In this hostile environment, the Mars Exploration Rover Perseverance could freeze at any time. /span>Solving the problem of vehicles affected by snow and ice in the extreme conditions of everyday life.It enables the Mars Exploration Rover Perseverance not to freeze with ice and snow in these extreme conditions. Today, the aerospace technology used in the Perseverance Mars Exploration Rover has overcome the challenges of mass production and entered the civilian market.But in reality, it still works! This is thanks to the antifreeze molecular kinetic heating unit, a machine used for space missions at the National Center for Space Studies (SNIAS).   

Key Technologies of Kinetic Molecular Antifreeze:

The TINTINO™  Portable Kinetic Heatersis equipped with a double loop suspension system designed by SNIAS. When activated, these double loops induce molecular rotational movement. Molecular movement releases kinetic energy, which not only prevents water molecules from freezing, but also performs the fundamental task of heating the environment.  

As they rotate elegantly, these rings trigger a captivating spectacle ofkinetic energy conversion. The kinetic energy they generate is exploited and channeled efficiently to produce asoft and pleasant heat. It's a testament to the cutting-edge technology at work, seamlessly transforming kinetic energy into pleasant warmth that envelops your space. >, guaranteeing a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.   

Practical and elegant car accessories

TheMIQIKO™ Portable Kinetic Heaters, when applied to your vehicle, uses the kinetic energy generated by rotation to prevent water molecules from freezing and generates comfortable warmth. During the cold winter months, when it detects that the air temperature is dropping too low, it automatically activates. Using cutting-edge aerospace technology, it quickly melts the snow and ice covering your car. Thanks to it, you will no longer need to search for your vehicle in the snow on cold mornings. It can be powered by solar energy or fast USB charging, and 15 minutes of charging is enough to store enough power for a month of use. The easy-to-install base is suitable for all types of vehicles, whether it is a luxury sedan, an off-road SUV, an economy car or Even from a motorhome, the TINTINO™  Portable Kinetic Heaterscan be easily attached to any vehicle.   

Thanks to the portability of TINTINO™  Molecular Kinetic Heating, it can extend from your car to your home, providing universal heat to 45 square meters of your home in less than 5 minutes. You can count on it to keep your home warm in winter and save a lot of money on your electricity bill every year. It can also help you avoid costly repairs due to roof snow damage, house collapse, interior leaks and other problems. a> by connecting it to a power source. A single charge can last a month. It not only offers you efficient and safe heating, but it also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle.15 minutes in direct sunlight or charge it quickly in 2 hours is not only portable and aesthetically pleasing, but it also features two modes of operation; Power supply: solar energy and fast USB charging. It offers a cost-effective solution, allowing you to fully charge it in MIQIKO™Portable Kinetic Heaters


Customers' lives changed after using TINTINO™ Portable Kinetic Heaters:

I bought this product just in time for the first big snowfall in Belfort  - a few days before it arrived we had a thick layer of ice on the handlebars and a frozen windshield. At the end of the day, there was a thick layer of ice on the windshield. So we had to work in the parking lot for over half an hour.This defroster melts almost all the ice effortlessly. It's also large enough to cover back doors and windows without leaving annoying ice stains.This is a great product! Highly recommended! (For someone who moved from Nice to Belfort, this product works very well!(One of the best investments I have ever made, especially since that my old car started icing up so quickly).   

 --⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Hubert Pichon

I am very happy to have received it. It arrived just in time for me to use it during the month-long ice storm. I'm a 56 year old woman who lives alone and I don't I don't have the energy or time to clean my car all morning to go run some errands.Today, I get up every morning and get in my car as if winter had never happened.My neighbors are still scraping the thick ice and snow off their car windows,and I feel so bad that I'm going to send each of them a link to buy it.   

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