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Keep an eye on your baby with BabyView: Peace of mind at your fingertips!



👼  3.2 inch color video surveillance : Keep an eye on your baby with exceptional clarity .

👼  260 Meters Transmission Range : Stay connected with your baby up to 260 meters away , both indoors and outdoors .



     👼  Two-way communication : Talk to your baby remotely, without having to move. 

    👼  8 built-in lullabies : Help your baby fall asleep peacefully with the sweet built-in melodies .



    •  👼  Automatic Night Vision : Monitor your baby even in total darkness , for peace of mind during the night.


    •  👼  Temperature monitoring : Monitorthe temperature of your baby's room in real time to ensure their comfort and health .



    •  👼  Battery life up to 24 hours (in VOX mode): Enjoy extended use without worrying about frequent charging .


    •  👼  Adjustable Baby Unit : Easily switch the angle and direction for convenient use and fit your needs 
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