Ice Silk Shapewear creates the coolest summer for you! No need to worry about sweat and discomfort, these pants are not only cool and breathable, but also soft and form-fitting, perfect for shaping your body. Durable and eco-friendly, they are definitely your secret weapon for effortless weight loss. Come and try them now to discover the sensation of unparalleled freshness and breathability!

Alicia Michaels from Brooklyn, New York showed us her amazing results with our latest product!

"Within a short time of using this shaper, I was able to achieve amazing results in my weight loss journey! This product has really helped me burn fat and lose my excess weight! I feel so light and so much better!  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐" 

Dear Watson, from  Reno, Nevada , showed us his experience with our product:  

"I love this shaper! I wore it for a few weeks and it really helped me get rid of my stretch marks while shaping my body! It's the best thing I've bought this year! ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐"  

Amélie from Inner New Caledonia shows us her before and after using our products                                                                                                                                                 “Acne on my buttocks has always bothered me and affected my comfort and self-confidence. Fortunately, wearing these pants made a noticeable difference! I can now wear leggings and bikinis with confidence! New Caledonia Amélie ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

Why is fat stored faster in the belly?

Many women will notice an increase in belly fat as they age. Even if they don't gain weight. This can be caused by poor circulation and slow metabolism when older.       

A poor digestive system and blood circulation can all accelerate belly fat storage. Poor digestion and circulation slow down the body's metabolism and organ function. When your organs aren't at their best, it slows calorie burning and weight loss, leading to more fat deposits in your belly.       

The role of ION in weight loss

IONs do an amazing job of improving blood flow and circulation in the body.   It provides the whole body and all the organs with the oxygen and nutrients they need to function at their best.

It also helps stimulate and improve the digestive function of the body.   This allows the body to burn calories faster , break them down efficiently, and convert them into usable energy that we can use for training and exercise. Further increase the rate at which we lose weight.       

What does the IONSTech Original Ice Silk Ion Fiber Repair Shaping Device do  and how does it work? 

Our Ice Silk Original IONSTech Ion Fiber Repair Shaping Device is laced with a uniquely comfortable fiber that emits ions that aid in weight loss all over the body. It also has body shaping properties that help you get the perfect shape you want for your body without much effort!           

Get rid of belly fat and lift your hips with IONSTech's Original Ice Silk Ion Fiber Repair Shaping Device  ! 

With the help of the IONs radiated by the Unique Fiber  and the  seamless one-piece compression thanks to the body shaping features of our shaper, you will be able to lose weight, burn fat and shape your hips. And this is possible thanks to the concentration of ions around your waist that targets belly fat and the shaping properties of the compression fit in our shaper.          

Antibacterial properties keep your intimate areas clean!

Our shaper also has  antibacterial features  that help prevent bacteria from entering and living in your private parts.  This helps prevent the buildup of bacteria, which helps stop infections and other hygiene issues in your intimate areas.  

What makes IONSTech's Original Ice Silk Ion Fiber Repair Shaping Device  the perfect solution?

✅ Promotes weight loss
✅ Helps burn fat
✅ Stimulates blood flow and circulation
✅ Improves digestive function
✅ Shapes and shapes the waist and hips
✅ Emits ions
 Prevents bacteria build-up ✅ Antibacterial micronylon material from AAA quality ✅ Seamless design  

Here are more from our happy customers who loved the IONSTech Original Ice Silk Ion Fiber Repair Shaping Device  : 

Claire Sun, from  Cincinnati, Ohio , showed us her experience with our product:  

"I was in shock after using it! I lost so much weight and look so much curvier in such a short time! It was like a miracle! I can't contain my excitement and my joy using this product. Any girl on a weight loss mission should get this! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"  

Melinda Hall, from  San Francisco, California , showed us her experience with our product:  

"I felt brand new after using this shaper!  My severe stretch marks are gone! I feel like a whole new woman, fit and sexy!  I love this product so much, I definitely recommend it to all my friends! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"


  • Materials: single fiber, AAA grade antibacterial micronylon
  • One Size: Elastic, fits most body types
  • Seamless one-piece compression construction

The package includes

  • 1x Original IONSTech Ice Silk Ion Fiber Repair Shaping Device (Black/Beige/White) 


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Definitely worth the investment

Definitely worth the investment

I am very enthusiastic ! I have been using this shapewear for over two months and the results are truly amazing. So [...]


corresponding size

Very soft material and very well adjusted. Full size.



For me, this form garment in ice silk is a real miracle! It has helped improve my health and weight [...]

Perfect curves

Perfect curves

It was a wise purchase. The comfort of this shapewear is unheard of and its fitted cut is absolutely fantastic. [...]



Perfect, a very good product


Tight fit to the body

I really like these protective panties. I am surprised by its quality. It adapts well to the body without being too tight [...]

The quality exceeded my expectations

The quality exceeded my expectations

I really like these protective panties. Its quality exceeds my expectations. It offers a perfect level of firmness without [...]

Confidence booster

Confidence booster

I have truly fallen in love with this ice silk shapewear! Not only is it incredibly comfortable, but it also truly helps [...]

Comfortable fit
Carol Guest

Comfortable fit

As someone who strives for a perfect physique, this ice silk shapewear is really my sau [...]

Russ LA

Very good Shapewear

I have been wearing this ice silk shapewear for a while now, and the results are amazing! My body contours have become m [...]