Mosquito and Fly Killer Trap

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🦟  No more spending money on chemical-filled mosquito repellent sprays that are harmful to you  🚫

Put it outside or in any room of your house by plugging it into a power bank or an outlet and enjoy a mosquito-free environment day or night.

No more summers filled with mosquitoes and flies!

Using cutting-edge technology, designers have found a way to tap directly into mosquitoes' natural instincts and instantly trap them in this rigorously tested and science-backed mosquito trap.

This Mosquito Killer USB lamp is equipped with a bionic purple LED wave powerful enough to attract insects. Also equipped with a very powerful suction fan, it can attract insects into the trap and capture them in an anti-fugue box to eliminate them effectively.

An irresistible trap for insects

Designed with 365nm light that attracts mosquitoes. Irresistible to mosquitoes , flies, moths and more pests!

Ultra silent, you can sleep soundly

Designed with a quiet 25-35dB frequency that attracts mosquitoes even more while being completely inaudible to humans and pets.

Leave no escape for mosquitoes!

Once the mosquitoes are within range of the trap, a powerful fan will suck the mosquitoes into an anti-runaway trap. The trap will no longer leave them any way out!

Some great catches from our customers

Located at the base of the suction fan, the insect-collecting compartment does not allow mosquitoes and other insects to escape. Our trap quickly sucks,  dries and kills attracted insects .

100% non-toxic and safe

Our mosquito trap is 100% non-toxic. It is based on peer-reviewed scientific papers on the instinctual nature of mosquitoes. Without any harmful spray or radiation.

Waterproof - Cleanable at any time

Suitable for children's bedrooms, adults' bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and even outdoors.


1️⃣ Simulates the heat given off by the human body

2️⃣ Engineering tested and approved

3️⃣ Silent exhaust fan

4️⃣ Anti- insect escape compartment

5️⃣ USB connection

6️⃣  Safe for children and pets


1) Question: Can the fly trap be used outdoors?

Answer: Yes you can use it outside, as long as it stays plugged into an outlet or an external battery.

2) Question: Does this trap come with a power cord?

Answer: Yes, it comes with a USB cord and wall plug adapter.

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