Pet hair removal comb with water tank

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This brush is the brand new way to detangle your pet's coat without scratches and without pain!

The brush removes up to 95% of your pets' dead hair and detangles it in just 3 minutes! Get rid of tangles, knots, spills and mats in the gentlest way possible!


  • Upgraded Pet Brush: Comfortable 56/76 rubber pins that fit pet's body perfectly and really add to pet's comfort; The non-slip handle is more suitable for the owner. Suitable for short-haired, medium-haired or long-haired dogs/cats/rabbits.

  • UNIQUE CLEANING DEVICE: Unlike other combs, our pet comb contains wet paper towels to remove loose hair from your pet's back while gently cleaning the hair. Save your cleaning time.

  • Massage Your Pet: The comb not only removes loose hair, but also massages your pet at the same time, especially for long-haired pets. These combs effectively penetrate hair roots, untie knots and improve mood.

  • Hair remover for clothes: The cat comb has short and fine teeth on the back and can be used to remove pet hair from clothes, sofas and other places. Caring for your cat or other pets and keeping their coat clean can really go a long way in preventing pet illnesses!

  • Note: For your pet's safety and comfort, we do not provide towels. Please use your daily towels. Most towels will do.

  • Cleaning comb with water tank: three-in-one cleaning, hair removal, massage, original water tank design, can add water and leave essence, no hair. (petrol not included)


  • Material: ABS

  • Color: blue, pink

  • Weight: 200g

  • Size: 6.2*3*19cm/2.4*1.2*7.5in

  • Contents: 1 pet hair removal comb with water tank.

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