Postur® Foot Massager - For long-lasting foot pain relief

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Healthier Legs After Just 15 Minutes Of Use A Day!

This revolutionary massager deeply stimulates the muscles of the feet and legs with low frequency electrical impulses. It targets pain points and relieves tension immediately, for lasting relief.    

  Relieves  plantar fasciitis, neuropathy and inflammation.  Extremely effective solution against high blood pressure.  Relieves swelling in the legs, improves blood circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage. ​✓ 96.6% of users said they felt immediate relief.   45-day money-back guarantee

Naturally Revitalize Your Feet and Legs

This device offers a unique combination  of deep massages  that prevent swollen ankles, stiffness and sore feet.

Electric pulses instantly activate blood circulation, reduce varicose veins and give you a feeling of  lighter legs.
✓  Effectively relieves cramps. ✓  Eliminate  water retention and cellulite, find more comfortable feet and a more aesthetic appearance.  Proven to improve sleep quality, it promotes peaceful sleep by relieving nighttime leg pain and calming the nervous system .
  Alleviates neuropathic  foot and leg  pain , regenerating damaged cells and restoring  normal peripheral nervous system function , for long-lasting relief.
✓  FDA approved  and side effect free

Contraindicated for people with pacemakers and not recommended for pregnant women.

Designed and Recommended by Doctors

    Podiatrists and massage therapists are not always readily available and can be very expensive.

    The Postur foot massager was designed by a renowned podiatrist as an effective way to relieve pain.

    For less  than a fifth of the cost of treatment by a therapist,  you can achieve results that last a lifetime.

    Recommended by professionals:

    • For people with foot pain caused by prolonged standing or sitting. 
    • For people with neuropathy in the feet and legs. 
    • For diabetics, to promote better blood circulation and prevent foot complications.  
    • For people with venous insufficiency. 
    • For people with plantar fasciitis, cramps, osteoarthritis pain  or other leg pain.

    No More Swollen Legs and Ankles

    Unlike other products that only provide temporary pain relief, this massager  treats the source of the problem  using revolutionary neuromuscular electrical stimulation technology.

    This technology sends a unique combination  of special pulses that instantly stimulate blood circulation,  activate the good nerves in your feet and promote the  regeneration of damaged cells. This technology:  Instantly eliminates foot pain  Heals damaged tissue by increasing blood flow to the area.  Increases strength, flexibility and mobility.  Reduces swelling and varicose veins.  Restores the health of your feet  Takes care of the feet of people with diabetes, 

       promoting better blood circulation and preventing complications.

    Easy to use

    After a long day at work or simply after wearing a pair of uncomfortable shoes, 15 minutes a day will be enough to relax your feet, maintain good blood circulation in your legs, relieve swelling quickly and relieve tired and sore feet .


    Attach the controller to the foot mat, which uses three buttons to control different functions.

    Place both feet on the ground, press the "+" or "-" button to turn on the device and adjust the intensity. Press "M" to switch between modes.

    You're ready to experience a clinic-like massage right from your home. For effective results, use the device for 10-15 minutes a day, 3-7 days a week.

    • 8 Modes -  To meet your different needs, intelligent massage techniques can be freely combined according to personal preference and physical stress level.
    • 19 Adjustable Intensities  - Directly stimulates acupuncture points, reduces physical and mental fatigue and improves sleep.

    clinically proven

    • 96.6%  of our customers experienced instant foot pain relief
    • 91.5%  of our customers reported a visible reduction in swelling
    • 90.9%  of our customers have completely cured plantar fasciitis.
    • 94.5%  of our customers use it daily and have recommended it to friends and family.

    This study investigated the impact of a new neuromuscular electrical foot stimulator on leg-related physical function, pain and symptoms, and leg blood flow in older adults over a treatment period of 8 weeks. The results indicate that the use of EMS led to increased blood circulation in the legs, which could help relieve symptoms such as pain, cramps, heaviness and fatigue. Specifically, application of NMES to the plantar surface of the feet caused indirect contraction of the calf muscle, thereby activating the musculo-venous pump and improving circulation. 

    Source : Binoy K., Darren T., Tim W., extracted from : ttps://

    The Best Treatment to Relieve Foot Pain

    1. Pre-programmed device with clinically studied parameters + foldable EMS massage mat
    2. User Guide - Helps you set up your foot massager in 3 easy steps
    3. High quality packaging
    4. Cable USB
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